How to roast, grill and sauté meat for tender

There are two main types of meat cooking: dry heat and wet heat . Dry heat cooking is perfect for tender cuts of meat. Here's how to roast, grill and sauté meat.

To roast

What is it about?

Roasting consists of baking medium to large cuts of meat (minimum 10 cm thick). The piece is placed on a bed of vegetables, bone or on a rack in a dish. Raising the meat prevents it from swimming in its juices during cooking, which would prevent it from turning brown. It is important that the cookware does not have edges larger than 7.5 cm to prevent steam from stagnating in the container, preventing the meat from roasting. For the same reasons, you should never roast meat.

Step by step

For tender cuts  : the oven temperature should be around 300 ° F to 350 ° F (150 ° C to 180 ° C) for a tender, juicy, tasty, easy to slice roast that is cooked distributed evenly. Cooking at temperatures from 350 ° F to 500 ° F (177 ° C to 260 ° C) provides a faster roast with a nice crust, but high temperatures favor shrinkage of the roast and a greater loss of juice.

Depending on the thickness and diameter of the roast and the type of meat, cooking times typically range from 18 to 30 minutes per 500 g (1 lb) of meat.

For large pieces of meat weighing 1.4 kg (3 lbs.) Or more  : can be cooked in two stages. The meat is first caught at high temperature (at least 400 ° F) for 45 minutes to promote the creation of a tasty and aromatic crust. Then, the oven temperature is then lowered to the target internal cooking temperature. At this point, the cooking time varies around 60 minutes per 500g (1lb). This type of cooking allows the meat to preserve a maximum of its juices, because the temperature is never higher than the desired cooking.

Note: To promote the coloring of the roast during cooking, it is possible to periodically water the roast with the cooking juices that are found at the bottom of the roasting pan. We give more taste to the crust!

Grill on the barbecue

What is it about?

Grilling on the barbecue consists in quickly cooking at high temperature cuts of meat less than 5 cm thick. The purpose of grilling meat is to heat the inside of the meat, while coloring the outside sufficiently. Since meat is tender, there is no collagen to break, so cooking times are short.

Step by step

Preheating the grill is a necessary step to grasp the meat. In this way, the flames side does not burn and the heat has time to spread through the room without causing excessive loss of juice.

Broiling is done in 3 steps:

  1. Place the piece of meat on the hot grill. (It is important to wait a few moments until a crust forms on the surface in contact with the grill, because if you move the piece of meat immediately after placing it on the grill, it will stick and tear ).
  2. A quarter of the cooking * turn the meat a quarter turn to get a grid.
  3. In the middle of cooking, turn over the piece of meat.

* The thickness of the cut and the desired degree of cooking will dictate the temperature and duration of cooking.

Tip: When cooking, avoid using a fork to turn the meat, as this will pierce it and cause the loss of juice. Instead, prefer the use of pliers.

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